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About VISA

Visa is a form of official record or certificates of endorsement to your passport indicating that you are allowed to enter, leave and live in a particular country for a specified time period or permanently.It may be a separate certificates with a stamp marked in your passport. Visas are issued by means of the immigration government of a foreign united states after checking and verifying all your credentials properly. Once, you get a visa method you are accepted to enter a rustic and stay there for a specific time period. However, the permission received thru visa is brief and situation to approval from the immigration officer at the entry point.

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Our Visa Services

Job Seeker Visa

They are issued to People who are working in Foreign Country for an organization. People doing long-term volunteer work in Foreign Country are now granted Job Seeker Visa. Special Job Visa is issued to highly skilled people going to Foreign Country for work in the power and steel sectors. It is usually for 1 year, or the term of the contract.

Study Visa

They are granted to people that wish to travel to Foreign Country and study long-term at an academic institution. the most document required is student admission papers from the institution. Student visas are issued for up to 5 years, counting on the duration of the course.They can also be extended by the Country you visited.

Business Visa

It is available for people to explore business opportunities in a Foreign Country. This type of visa differs from Employment visa there in the applicant won't be working for, and earning an income from, a corporation . Business visa applicants would require a letter from the organization showing, duration of stay, places to be visited, and intention to meet expenses.

Family Visa

Foreign family migration is a scheme to unite the immediate and extended family members with their eligible relatives in Foreign Country. Family migration permits the own family participants to live and paintings completely in Foreign Country with their relatives who are both the lawful permanent residents or residents of the country.

Tourist Visa

They are issued to people who need to travel overseas Country to go to humans and pass sightseeing or attend a short-time period yoga program. Although tourist visas can be granted for a specific period of time (usually for Months) , it's not possible to remain in any country for longer than that specific period of time on a tourist visa.

Permanent Residency

This visa is one which authorizes another person to permanently are living in a country. This is closely related to the naturalization and citizenship process, although immigration does not necessarily advocate citizenship. If you’ve heard a person mention the term “Green Card,” they were sincerely talking about the immigration kind of visa.

Free online assessment

You need to assist yourself and see how far you have gone and what you still need to work on.

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Free online assessment

You need to assist yourself and see how far you have gone and what you still need to work on.